Planning an International trip brings some tasks with it. One of the major tasks is to get a visa beforehand. However, there are few countries where Indians get the visa-on-arrival benefit. Continue reading to know about them in detail.

Many Indians avoid abroad trips primarily because it involves a lot of hassles. Visa confirmation takes time, and sometime you may have to drop an instant plan just because you are not sure of getting a visa on an instant basis. But worry not! Some countries provide on arrival visa benefit to Indians.

Difference Between eVisa and Visa-on-Arrival

It is important not to confuse Visa-on-Arrival with eVisa. Electronic visa or eVisa is an online facility where an applicant applies for a visa by submitting the required documents on the eVisa portal of the destination place. S/he has to wait for a few days after which they get an email including their eVisa. You then need to take a print out of it and carry it along while travelling to the destination.

Visa-on-Arrival is what you get after reaching your destination and showing the valid documents to the officials.

5 Countries Where Indians Can Avail Visa-on-Arrival Benefit Are –

  1. Mauritius – It is a popular destination among Indians because of the breath-taking views and numerous beaches. The place offers luxury resort with delicious sea-food. Mauritius provides free visa-on-arrival facility for up to 60 days and the best time to visit this jewel in the Indian Ocean is from May-December. Do note that you might not get a direct flight and may have to take one with layovers or stops.
  2. Indonesia – Bali is a well-known tourist spot amongst Indians. It is known for its finger-licking food along with its mesmerizing natural beauty. Indonesia consists of many small Islands that are equally beautiful and a preferred choice of young couples, although Bali is the hot destination among travellers here. You can get a 30-days free on-arrival visa benefit here in Indonesia.
  3. The Maldives – With captivating beaches and seaside view hotels, Maldives has a lot to offer at a very reasonable cost. A trip to the Maldives doesn’t cost much and offers romantic beach-side dinners to young couples. You can get a 30-days free visa on arrival once you land here. No hassles if you book an instant ticket to visit this place. While there aren’t many non-stop flights from India to this destination, you can get one if you’re flexible with the departure airport. Example – Delhi to Male flight will take about 4.5 hours if it’s non-stop.
  4. Bhutan – This country lies in the heart of the Himalayas offering mesmerizing views with Buddhist traditions all around. The country does not demand any visa from Indians for up-to 6 months. You only need to have a valid Indian passport. However, travellers must have travel insurance. Go, grab your tickets and explore the beauty of Bhutan at a low cost.
  5. Thailand – Thailand has pleasant weather all-round the year making it a preferred choice for people of every age group. You can find water-sports, beach-side parties, Buddhist monasteries, and a lot more here. You can have on-arrival visa up-to 15-days once you land here. Moreover, Thailand enjoys great connectivity from India with many flight operators offering great deals. However, the best way to reach here is to take a Delhi or Mumbai to Bangkok flight and then plan your journey from there.

Now that you know about these places so side your worries about getting a Visa and explore these beautiful places without any second thoughts. Keep your energy focused on planning the trip and finding the places you want to visit. Don’t forget to earn some miles while making bookings.