Traveling is the best way to break from your usual schedule and enhance your personal growth. You also get to experience life differently by traveling, and it will also help you reduce stress and anxiety. However, many people view travel as a task for people with a specific lifestyle, which is not valid. Travelling can take different categories of people and events. Anyone should travel whether as an individual, family, business travel, or even for adventure.

1.   Group Tours

Group tours will usually involve a group of people with common interests who travel with common goals. A group tour may include a group of young people who would like to visit a famous town or city and enjoy their party there. Group tours could also involve a group of senior citizens who would like to catch up with their sweet memories by visiting museums and other historical places or safari tours. Group tours will help you learn more from other peoples’ experiences and also be able to make more friends. If you are traveling to the airport as a group, reliable transport services are essential; you can contact My RDU Airport Shuttle for the best group transport experience to the airport.

2.   Event Travel

Event travel involves traveling to attend an event. However, event travel doesn’t have to be an official event; you can decide to appear on other events such as the Olympics, World Cup, World Rally Championships (WRC), TED Global, Grand Prix events, and local beach travels. Hence, you have so many reasons to travel; ensure you attend as many events as you can. Event travel will help you participate inlife-changing events in person, and in some cases, get the joy of having attended historical events.

3.   Business Travel

Business travel is for work or business purposes only. Your company will foot your transport and probably your accommodation. Business travel is one of the cheapest ways to travel for you and experience the world differently.

Most of the time, you will be attending to your official duties, but you have to use your extra time,such as the weekends, to explore the city and make it a mini-vacation. Remember to carry all your official documents and other requirements to make your business travel comfortable.

4.   Solo Travel

Some people like enjoying their space and time, hence they will prefer traveling alone. Solo travel has its benefits as well, such as;

You choose where you want to go instead of depending on a group program.

Solo travel will also give you time to introspect and meditate. Introspection, especially while away from your usual routine, may give you the answers you have been looking for all your life. Thus a solo journey is more of a retrospective journey and will help you love yourself more.

Solo travel also builds your confidence and responsibility as you solely take your life into your own hands. You make your own decisions and prioritize your activities without other people influencing you.

5.   Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is a tourism journey that takes you to exotic places such as;

  • Fuerteventura Canary Islands
  • Fiji for nature waterfall experience
  • Maui Hawaii golden crescent beaches
  • Puerto Rico Island in the Caribbean

You can also travel to remote places and take physical challenges, which may incorporate mental challenges. Adventure travel is good for your physical health, mental health, soul, and nature.


Travelling is essential for everyone; you can visit those beautiful places you usually admire on your TV or online as a group of friends, family, or colleagues. If you like enjoying your freedom, then solo travel will do you good; the introspection will help you find answers you have been searching for, and you will go back home changed. Let’s borrow from the French author Andre Gide and decide to gain the courage to lose sight of the shore to discover new oceans!