The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how the world travels today. Long-distance travel today requires you to be fully vaccinated and follow strict COVID-safety protocols. Even though it might be daunting for new travellers, it doesn’t have to be.

Instead of waiting for travel to go back to the way it was, it’s time for the world and travel companies to adjust to the new normal. In fact, the sooner tourists, airlines, and luxury travel companies adjust to the changing COVID-related protocols issued by countries across the world, the better it will be for tourism. 

But before embarking on a transformational journey, the travel industry must first have an understanding of what post-pandemic travel may look like. Here are some predictions for how travel  might change in the next few years.

  • Everything Takes Longer Now

Given the pandemic and its ever-evolving nature, everything related to travelling is taking a lot longer now. The wait lines at the airport are longer since the security checks for vaccine cards. Gone are the days when you could walk right up to the security checkpoint and get done within seconds. The meticulous approach is helpful since it prevents the spread of the virus and keeps everyone safe.

You will also have to face longer wait times at customs, immigration, border protection, and more checkpoints due to the shortage of staff and the meticulous approach taken by most countries to curb the spread of the pandemic. With that said, this will hopefully be a short-term struggle while pandemic-related restrictions are still in place. 

  • Internal Travelling Is Boosting

Due to numerous international travel restrictions that remain in place, an increase in domestic and “staycation” tourism is an expected travel trend for 2022. This trend is evident from the post-lockdown spike of visitors around tourist spots worldwide.  

Plus, more and more people are adopting a “last minute” mentality, booking flights departing within the week. In today’s world, people are changing the way they travel and making the most of new opportunities as they come.

  • Adventure Travel Is On the Rise

Many people now travel for the sole purpose of having an adventure that they may only have the opportunity to have once in their entire lives. In a sense, adventure travel has replaced “sun & fun” as the go-to vacation option.

Traditional mass-market tour operators are struggling to keep up with the increasing demands of their customers. This is because they lack the flexibility to expand their product line and provide customers with a higher level of personalisation as their needs change. 

Therefore, if you are looking for bespoke travel experiences, make sure you choose a high-end luxury travel company that can provide you with a personalised itinerary.  

  • Responsible Tourism Is Here to Stay

In recent months, the social and environmental impact of travelling has become a major concern for many travellers. The negative effects of mass tourism on the local populations were made abundantly clear by images of abandoned beaches and tourist hotspots that surfaced during the pandemic. 

Over-tourism has become an issue for many locals, and they’re demanding action from their elected officials. Responsible tourists are also playing their part in ensuring eco-friendly travelling. 

However, the travel industry must change its business model to accommodate these new categories of customers. For them to be successful in the post-pandemic travel world, they’ll need to ensure they can accommodate responsible tourists and make sure that tourism doesn’t harm the environment. 

  • Visas for Immunisation

Covid-19 vaccination, test results, and health waivers can be documented using digital health passports or vaccination passports. Almost all countries now require you to show your vaccination details before allowing you to travel. This might lead to countries requiring vaccine passports.

Vaccine passports, albeit controversial, would give tourists a new sense of security as they plan bespoke travel experiences. If established, vaccine passports would allow people to travel freely without quarantine, hopefully encouraging them to travel more internationally.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that global travelling will continue as always, which means you can start planning your tailor-made luxury holidays right away. However, in order for the travel sector and individual enterprises to recover, they must closely monitor the current situation, reconnect with clients, and personalise travelling to their specific needs as much as possible. It is a safe, healthy, and eco-friendly way of travelling for the present and the future.