Whether embarking on a first date or looking for a way to enjoy nature with a partner, there are a number of outdoor activities that couples can do together, no matter your local landscape or general climate. So, instead of staying indoors, here are six exciting outdoor activities that will lure couples away from the television and encourage new adventures in nature.

Wild Swimming

Finding a secluded beach or visiting a local lake and then jumping into the water together is a wonderful experience. There are a number of physical and mental health benefits to wild swimming, including mood-boosting qualities that are excellent to build a positive association within a relationship, all of which helps to reduce anxiety and improve wellbeing and fitness. The act of stripping down can also be quite intimate and romantic too. Promising that you’re both comfortable, so might even want to enjoy the water entirely naked too!


There are a number of ways to enjoy climbing together and couples can endeavour to summit natural landscapes, such as cliff faces and boulders, or take to a local climbing centre and test themselves against curated walls. Both have their benefits and many will enjoy both, choosing to be indoors when the weather isn’t conducive to fun and safety.

Climbing is a superb way to stay in shape, improving physical fitness and burning calories. It can also be a fun way to challenge each other, competing to push each other further.


There are a number of reasons as to why paddleboarding has become one of the most popular watersports across the world, from its low-impact workout to the exploration of waterways that it opens up. For many, it is a relaxing activity, one that can be enjoyed gently and with others, exploring various bodies of water.

Some will want to use their boards to traverse waterways so that they might find a quiet spot to picnic, whereas others will want to paddle away from land to practice their yoga in a beautiful respite. This versatility is exactly why stand-up paddle boards are an excellent investment for couples.


Alongside the immersion in nature and the escape of urban life, hiking places couples in an intimate and beautiful environment where the isolation of trails encourage conversation. It’s a great way to enjoy flora and fauna while also building a knowledge of each other. Hiking can also be a gateway to camping too, making for a wonderful and peaceful night beneath the stars.

Fruit And Vegetable Picking

Local farms will often welcome locals to stop by and pick their produce for a small fee. This outdoor activity is not only fun but it will ensure that at the end of the day you both leave with a haul of delicious ingredients that can then become the basis for a fun cooking session at home!

Historical Tour

For those wanting a slower-paced date idea, as well as one that will help them to learn more about the history of their local area, a history walk can be a great idea. These casual tours leisurely follow an expert around an area to help illuminate the character and events behind local landmarks, helping attendees to better understand their area’s history.