When we are looking for the destination for the next family vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is that the chosen place is perfect and friendly for all ages! If it is a more popular destination to spend romantic getaways and honeymoons, will there be fun for the little ones and minors of the house? Family vacations are not the same if all our loved ones are not there and have the best days of their lives! That is why family rafting trips are the perfect adventure for all.

Experience the adrenaline-pumping excitement of an Arkansas River rafting adventure in the heart of the Colorado Rockies on this professionally led, full-day excursion.  Located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Arkansas River rafting offers a stunning setting for venturing into the water, with the river flanked by tall peaks on all side

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To travel as a family, we must organize ourselves and be very informed. Making reservations in advance, in addition to allowing us to get a lower price, will allow us to plan everything to perfection. Check the weather and calculate a comfortable temperature for traveling. If possible, buy tickets for shows, amusement parks, museums and more, from the internet. They usually have special offers.

In the United States, going from point A to point B while splashing yourself in icy ‘white waters’ not only allows you to enjoy the excitement and adrenaline but also spectacular mountainous, wooded or semi-desert natural landscapes.

Below is a list of the best rafting destinations:

Colorado River, Arizona, USA: The world’s most requested rafting

In the opinion of many, there is nothing like rafting in the muddy brown waters of Colorado. And if the numbers mean anything, they may be right: 22,000 people walk that section every year. Although you may not find solitude, what you will find are 42 exhilarating rapids, incredible views of geological formations up to 500 million years old, and Native American ruins.

The rafting season is from May to October, and trips can last 1-18 days.

Middle Fork, Salmon River, Idaho, USA: ‘Rafting’ with Thermal Relaxation

After soaking yourself tumbling through class III and IV rapids, what could be better than relaxing in hot springs? Traversing the largest wilderness area in the United States, you reach the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, the longest open river in the country. The package is complete: a multitude of fast-paced rapids, impressive wildlife, incredible fly fishing, and of course, six hot springs along the river.

Middle Fork’s regular season is May through September. Rafting practitioners must have a permit (not easy to obtain) and carry a portable toilet.

Bryson City, North Carolina

 It also combines calm, whitewater rides along the Nantahala River with the nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park views.

Lotus and Coloma, California

The unnecessary trips are through rough waters in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the American River; if you are a learner, you can learn to find the way the rapids under the direction of experts.

Before tackling the challenges of rafting, make sure you find the best travel agency that provides: Guides, safe and well-maintained canoes. Security gear such as helmets and life jackets.