Are you on quarantine with kids? Are you depressed and bored during quarantine? If yes, then you are not the single person to experience this situation.

I know this situation is worse, but we need to face the problems and move ahead. You need to maintain a fun environment with your kids.

A pleasant environment can make you and your kids mentally and physically strong. So, in this article, I am sharing five ideas to maintain a fun environment during quarantine with your kids.

Five Fun Things That May Entertain Your Little Ones

COVID-19 has changed the life of the people. People are maintaining social distance, using different safety measures, isolating themself. Though, we are suffering from its effect.

If you are on quarantine with your kids, then you must initiate the following activities to maintain peace, happy, and joyful environment.

  1. Watch Your Favorite Movies

Do not overthink and ruin your and your kid’s time. Think positive, and enjoy your quarantine by watching different movies with your kids.

Turn on your hotel or home in a mini theatre. You can subscribe to different movie streaming platforms to pass your time.

Talk to your kids, listen to their choices, and stream the movies as per your kid’s choice. Bring some healthy foods and drinks, and spend your quality time with your kids.

  1. Play Games

Every person loves playing games in their free time. So, you have plenty of free time during quarantine.

You can play different indoor games with your kids to pass your time. You can play Ludo, Carrom board, Hide-and-Seek, Musical chairs, and many more.

You can even play different online games with your kids, friends, and families. You must set a reward for those who win the game and let your kids win over you.

  1. Teach Your Kids

As you have enough time in your quarantine period, you must look after your kids. You must make your kids socially and mentally strong.

Teach them good habits and attitudes. Your guidance determines the future of your kids. Show them the right paths, and lead them to their destination.

Boost the knowledge of your kids, and work for their mental development. Teach them, motivate them, guide them, and raise them as responsible people.

  1. Setup Exercise Routine

It is much necessary to do an exercise to stay fit and fine. Teach your kids the importance of regular workouts, and make them follow you to stay active.

You need to set up the workout routine because routine is the key to a successful and consistent workout regime. If you have no workout equipment in your home, then do not worry.

You can watch different workout videos which are available on YouTube and other social media platforms. Take care of your kids and let them do the basic workout activities.

  1. Organize Indoor Picnic

You can have an indoor picnic to pass your boring time during quarantine with your kids. An indoor picnic will surely turn on the moods of your family.

Cook the delicious food, grab the sheet and enjoy the living room picnic. You can play different games, and also you can organize different indoor activities.

Make sure you cook healthy and hygienic food. Avoid outdoor junk food and try to drink warm water and fruit juice instead of carbonated drinks.


Quarantine with kids can be the best moment of your life if you are creative. Think fun activities loved by your kids and organize them.

Do not let your idle time go in vain. Look after your kids, guide them, and develop their skills. You may not have this much free time in the future. Think positively and use your time to the fullest.

Quarantine is not boring; rather it is an opportunity to bounce back with more power. Be productive, give time to yourself, learn new skills, and boost up your personality.