You are on your way to a dream vacation, you booked your flights on time that ensured the perfect window seat, you rented a car already so that it won’t be much of a hassle to follow through your itinerary. You reached your destination and realised that being the peak season for tourists, there are no hotels available on your budget. So, even though you did everything according to plan, this one occurrence has drained out all the excitement and zeal of travelling right? But, if you would have opted for hotel booking online, this kind of situation could be avoided.

Online hotel booking ascertains that whatever may be the purpose of your travel, leisure or work, you would have a place to stay upon arrival at your destination saving a lot of your time, energy and money. Even if you are not on a budget holiday or you are not travelling during the peak season either, still hotel booking online is the smartest decision. It makes travelling a lot more comfortable and beneficial, be it solo or with family.  Let us see how-

Online hotel booking is hassle-free

Suppose you are travelling with seniors or a pregnant person and your transport lands at the destination at an odd hour; it will be really difficult for you to make phone calls or walk into every hotel to check whether there are rooms available or not? Online hotel booking will save you from this impediment. In a hassle-free way, you can book rooms of your choice in advance and relax while travelling.

To book a hotel you just need to search for your desired location on the Intermiles hotel booking portal, you will get innumerable options. Select the one that matches most of your criteria and check for room rent per night and amenities. If you like what you see, you can move ahead with the booking.

Compare and choose

Online hotel booking will make sure that you are getting the best deal for your stay. There are numerous websites online where you can check offered prices of rooms of the same hotel. From these websites, you can have an estimation of regular rates and special rates. Besides, you can compare a number of hotels based on their location, amenities, room availability, dining facilities and customer ratings. Most of these hotels have elaborate picture galleries where you can have an idea of the interior as well as the exterior of the hotel, adjacent views from the hotel room, nearby attractions and so on. You can go through the details and pick according to your requirements.

Avail discounts

Online hotel booking is in trend now because it lets you avail attractive discounts. If your vacation dates are flexible and they match with certain dates when the hotel offers special discounted rates, you will save a lot on your expenses. Another way to avail discounts through online hotel booking is by selecting tour packages. Hotels that provide tour packages are cost-effective. Besides rooms and dining, these packages include sightseeing, local transportation, multiple recreational activities and so on.

Accessible 24*7

You can get access to a hotel website online 24*7. So, you can learn about what it offers, price ranges, room availability and everything at any time from the comfort of your home. This is profitable for the hotels too, as unlimited working hours and all-time accessibility increases sales.

Easy to manage bookings

Online hotel booking is easy to manage as well. You can make changes to your itinerary anytime you like, all you need is to intimate the hotel website regarding the modifications you made on time.

Payments are convenient

Paying for online hotel booking is most convenient. You can choose the payment mode as per your feasibility and pay accordingly. You can either make the full payment and confirm your booking or some hotels do not ask for the full payment, they just want a certain amount for advance booking to have an assurance from the customer’s end.

User-friendly Self-service portals

Booking hotels online is a user-friendly independent affair. For this, you wouldn’t have to wait for hotel staff to confirm your bookings, or you won’t have to spend time listening to the characteristics of the hotel from the staff, you can avail a virtual tour and make up your mind. Based on the available facilities at the hotel, you can personalise your stay.

It is quite evident from the above-mentioned discussion that online hotel booking is extremely beneficial. It is also crucial to make sure that the website you are using to book your stay is authentic. Here are some factors to focus on while you are booking a hotel online.

  • Before you make your payment online by sharing details of your debit or credit card, it is advisable to check for the legitimacy of the hotel website. Day to day the rising number of cases of identity theft is alarming. On the other hand, some unscrupulous hotels offer lucrative deals before the payment, once the payment is made, they start to charge higher. Thus, it is better to choose reputable online portals like to avoid these types of frauds.
  • Beware of hotels that ask for immediate actions. It is true that sometimes during peak seasons the hotels require immediate actions, still, you must analyse and consider all possibilities before jumping to a conclusion in a rush. To check whether the website of the hotel is genuine or not, check for its customer ratings and reviews.
  • The privacy policy is a must-have feature for an online hotel website. If a website can not assure you of its privacy policy, it is wise to stay away.
  • All kinds of transactions need to have an online record. Ask for invoices on the website as soon as you make your payments. This will help you as well as the hotel you are staying at to obtain transparency to avoid a number of confusions in the future.
  • Choose the hotel strategically. Focus on your itinerary and decide upon which location would be most suitable for you to stay. Only then you can make sure that you will be covering all the places you have planned to visit.

It is important to note that online hotel booking is not only beneficial for the tourists or visitors,  but it is also a beneficial option for the hotels too. With an online hotel booking system, hotel managers get smarter insights into their businesses. For example, they can keep track of each reservation and all of its minute details. Based on customer search, they can understand customer preferences and upgrade accordingly. The hotels get a chance to increase revenues as the online reservation system is easy to publish and promote. So, evidently, online hotel booking is a win-win for all. Now, what are you waiting for? Book your hotels online for your next vacation to avail yourself of its multifarious benefits.