Have you been dreaming of going on vacation? Well, the first bit of good news is that countries around the world are continuing to vaccinate their citizens at a swift rate and due to this, many countries are finally reopening their borders for tourism for vaccinated travellers. Provide official documentation that certifies that you are fully vaccinated, and voila, your dreams of a 2021 vacation could really become a reality!

If the next question on your mind is finding the perfect holiday destination, then let me tell you why a trip to Costa Rica is just what the doctor ordered. Read on till the end to find out where you can find the best Costa rica travel packages for your ideal vacation. But first…

Current Covid-19 situation in Costa Rica:

Costa Rica has a weekly average of 1278 new cases as of 21st July 2021 and as long as you take the necessary precautions to safeguard yourself, it is extremely safe to travel here. In fact, fully booked flights from all major US cities are shuttling to and from Costa Rica every day.

While you are in Costa Rica, for your safety, you are always advised to:

Wear a mask in public spaces

When flying or using other transport, wear a mask that fully covers your nose and mouth

Maintain 6 feet of distance from others

Sanitise wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face

Get international health insurance.

Make sure to book your Costa Rica tour packages from legitimate authorities to ensure you take maximum precautions throughout your journey.

Costa Rica’s covid response so far:

The Costa Rican authorities have adopted many safety, hygiene and social distancing measures since March 2020 to contain and mitigate the spread of covid. Furthermore, health authorities have been issuing bi-weekly statements on their official website regarding the Covid-19 situation, so we strongly recommend you check here closer to your planned travel.

Can you travel to Costa Rica right now?

Cutting to the chase – YES!

The untouched paradise of Costa Rica has opened its borders to all countries and tourists, and there is no requirement of quarantine upon arrival. However we strongly encourage you to check your home country on re-entry quarantining, testing etc.

Depending on your country of residence, you may or may not require a visa to travel. You can check here to see which rules apply to you.

Why should you plan a trip to Costa Rica?

While most people are familiar with the abundance of biodiversity, nature, mountains, beaches, hot springs and not to forget the vibrant nightlife – what many of you may not know is that Costa Ricans are also famous for their most inspiring, thoughtful and sustainable way of living. They were one of the first 4 countries to report carbon-neutrality back in 2008!

In fact, Zac Effron’s Emmy Award winning series Down To Earth has an entire episode dedicated to their inspiring self-sustained way of living, for those interested in learning more. The citizens of one of the world’s greenest countries are truly dedicated to preserving the country’s pristine environment – making this country a traveler’s dream.

What visitors can expect?

A trip to Costa Rica can mean many things for many different people. If you are a nature and wildlife enthusiast, then you’ll be spoilt for choice between sloth, crocodile and monkey spotting or visiting one of the many national parks that cover more than 25% of the country’s land area. On quieter days, you may even be able to tour the chocolate or coffee farms or relax in one of many mineral-rich hot springs.

On the other hand, if you are eager to explore nightlife or go on a culinary adventure, you can choose from a wide range of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Some of the most popular nightclubs can be found in the main strip of Jaco.

Booking accommodation and tours

Nestled away amongst Costa Rica’s sprawling natural landscapes are some of the most luxurious and spacious vacation rentals offering some of the most breathtaking views. Depending on the size of your group you can find properties for groups of 6 to 20. All of these gorgeous rentals also offer a wide range of value added services to match your vacation vibe ranging from Private Chefs to a Spa Day or Private Party DJ and so much more.

Here are some of Costa Rica’s hottest rentals and our top picks:

    1. Royale Bisily

The 3-story mansion with its exotic forest cover and extraordinary ocean views will cast a magic spell on every guest.  From Royale Bisily, you can not only see the ocean but hear the waves heave and crash, adding to the allure of this place.  Another stunner?  The infinity pool attached to the main house.


    2. Royale Lime

Royale Lime’s location, minimalist architecture, and guest-friendly amenities together go into the making of the “paradise”. The property is only 300 meters away from Jaco, yet, metaphorically, a world away from the madding crowd.

10 BEDS 10.5 BATHS

    3. Royale Amazon

Just completed in 2018 this rental sits inside a gated community. The huge outdoor deck and infinity pool are a real treat for guests, with the outdoor BBQ area hitting the home run here. Book in with a private chef to maximise luxury at your stay here.


    4. Royale Maroon

Right by the ocean in Jaco and every ocean-facing  room is built to leverage the stunning view. We say stunning because the view from the living rooms and the beach-facing bedrooms does make your jaw drop.  The air-conditioned bedrooms are done up in relaxing shades and come with twin beds.


    5. Royale Magenta

Close to the surf and sand at Playa Hermosa, Royale Magenta epitomizes high life on the beach. A masterstroke by all accounts, this 6-bedroom family-friendly villa blends contemporary design and luxury amenities and gives it a dash of exotic with Mexican street art. The bedrooms are a joy to behold


Good to know: Book your accommodation through a trusted hospitality partner who can find you a rental exactly as per your travel requirement : Click here to reserve.

Costa Rica Tours

Some of the popular tours offered include:

  • Waterfall Tour
  • ATV Adventures
  • Sunset Yachting
  • Crocodile and Monkey Tours
  • Rainforest Gondola
  • Arenal Volcano


All in all, whatever the reason for your trip to Costa Rica, be assured that you are bound to leave with memories and experiences you will cherish for a lifetime.