Although you have already chartered your yacht and your work is to only show up at the charter base, it is wise to inform yourself about some basic things before going for a sailing vacation. These expert tips from experienced sailors will help you prepare for an enjoyable sailing vacation.

Do not overpack

Many first-time sailors make the mistake of overpacking when going on a sailing vacation. Do not overpack, especially if you have chartered a small sized yacht. The storage space may be limited. Note that a sailing vacation is so casual, and you will need very few items. You will be in your swimsuit or shorts most of the time. Packing in a duffle bag is suitable since you can store it under your bed or fold it if it is not in use.

Bring the right clothes.

A sailing vacation is a casual one, so you will need very little clothes. Due to the plenty of sun and wind, carry light clothes. Most of the time, you will be in your swimwear, and you will only need casual clothes for when you step out of the water into the island. You can carry a windproof jacket and long-sleeved sweater in case of windy and chilly nights.

Your documents

Ensure you keep your documents, including your passport, ATM, charter package paperwork, and cash safe. It is a good idea to exchange your currency early enough before you set sail so that you have enough cash on board. Although big supermarkets, restaurants, and marinas accept credit cards, you may have a problem with the smaller local cafes and shops on the islands if you don’t have cash. If you plan on spending tremendously, inform your bank, so they don’t limit your card due to exotic ATM location withdrawals.

Essential medication

Yacht charters such as the Whitsundays yacht charter sailing vessels come with an emergency first aid kit in case of accidents while on the sail. However, bring any medications you may need to prevent small emergencies from ruining your sailing vacation. Carry seasickness remedies, bug spray, pain relievers, diarrhea medication, antibacterial cream, and other essential drugs you need. Also, carry a small flashlight and have enough medicines on board in case of any travel delays.

Carry your snorkeling gear and water toys

You will have an excellent opportunity to explore water activities such as scuba diving, snorkel, and explore underwater reefs, bays, coves, and beaches. Although many yacht charters provide snorkeling gear, you can bring your snorkel, fins, mask, or a pro-camera to capture precious moments under the pristine sea waters.

Pack toiletries

Packing toiletries is an essential thing. Pack your must-haves such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, skin moisturizer, mosquito repellant, tampons, hairbrushes, etc. You don’t need to carry jewelry if you don’t need it as you may lose it at sea.

It is okay to bring some entertainment onboard.

Remember that book you never had the time to finish reading? You can bring it on board. Consider carrying an mp3 player for good music, board games, a camera, or playing cards to entertain you on board. A sailing vacation is a nice way to unwind, escape, and relax, so you can lay on the deck and entertain yourself as you sail past the stunning coastline.


Those tips will help you plan the perfect sailing vacation you will ever experience.