Folks chase a lot of things for personal reasons, and that can cause them to go to great lengths to achieve a personal goal. For Rachel Marie DeSimone, her personal goal was to reconnect with her Italian heritage by finally setting foot in Italy itself. At first, the idea of traveling to a family homeland was a fanciful idea, but the more that Rachel DeSimone kept thinking about it, the more the idea sounded like a real good one.

Time for a Change

Rachel Marie DeSimone has spent much of her career working as a real estate paralegal, starting her career in the legal field as far back as 1985. Over those years, while working through one case after another, DeSimone felt like there was something else she still needed to connect to. As the years went by, that something started to coalesce into a substantive issue; she needed to connect with her familial past. Finally, Rachel Marie DeSimone put her foot down and went after her personal heritage goal. The cases and legal world were winding down, and she was finding her day was providing more time and opportunity. A trip to Italy just made a whole lot more sense. The reward was huge, personal, and well worth the trouble.

Taking the Big Leap

As a person and individual, Rachel Marie DeSimone was not an average person from the start. DeSimone also worked in insurance, and she helped significantly in reorganizing a company at the same time. However, career challenges were more than enough for DeSimone, and she needed a connection with something bigger than just another case resolution.

Italy beckoned and that call grew stronger and stronger for DeSimone. Finally, she made a plan, a destination, and a trip. Arriving in Italy was like any long trip, tiring and apprehensive. However, when Rachel Marie DeSimone woke up the first day after a long one of travel, Italy made sense. DeSimone felt a fundamental connection to where she was. And each day of that trip, seeing modern Italy as well as the ancient one, she was rejuvenated with a connection to DeSimone’s greater family overseas. Some would argue that might have just been from the exhaustion of long travel or the excitement of being somewhere new. However, for Rachel Marie DeSimone, being in Italy tied the attorney to her roots.

Knocking an Item Off the Bucket List

Having a sense of accomplishment goes a lot farther than just winning a legal case or traveling on a plane to a faraway city. It’s a sense of personal fulfillment. And for Rachel Marie DeSimone, Bonita Springs resident, that sense of accomplishment was realized when she completed her personal circle back to Italy and the cities and towns of her extended family and ancestors. There were no great trumpets or fanfare or newspaper stories of her arrival, visit, or eventual departure back to her home in Florida. The entire trip belonged only to DeSimone and her memories, but for her, that was more than enough. Rachel Marie DeSimone connected with her heritage and finalized her personal ties with her own history.

Chasing one’s heritage is not a bad thing. Rachel Marie DeSimone found a way to connect, and among all of her recommendations made, chasing after one’s heritage is probably the most meaningful for her given to others. Not to mention, the food and wine in Italy were pretty good too.