Since opening up once again for business, Royal Holiday Vacation Club has stayed committed to keeping all members safe while traveling. The restrictions in place due to the pandemic have been tough for everyone to handle. In the travel industry, Royal Holiday Vacation Club has set the trend for going above and beyond for its members.

The dedication to staying safe during a pandemic has helped Royal Holiday Vacation Club gain recognition for its efforts. From standard steps to going above and beyond for the customer, travelers are confident that they will get a first-class experience with the company every single time.

Standard safety protocols during a pandemic

Other companies share many of the standard safety protocols put in place by Royal Holiday Vacation Club in the traveling industry. Everything from mandated face coverings to thorough sanitation steps has played an essential role in keeping travelers as safe as possible. While many other clubs have adopted these protocols, Royal Holiday Vacation Club has enforced them more than most.

Travelers are facing unprecedented times as they try to visit new places for the first time in a while. Instead of feeling uneasy during this time, it is better for people to feel like they are getting the protection they need.

The Safe Guest Program

A standout feature offered by Royal Holiday Vacation Club is what is referred to as the Safe Guest Program. This is something provided above and beyond what is standard in the industry, and it has helped members feel confident that they can travel safely once again.

The first part of the program involves proper COVID-19 testing during travel. Many locations are still requiring negative COVID-19 test results before and after entering a country. Some of these tests can become expensive, but Royal Holiday Vacation Club works with local medical professionals in all their locations to offer better rates.

No traveler wants to be in a situation where they are dealing with a positive COVID-19 test, but it occasionally happens. The Safe Guest Program helps customers navigate that tricky situation, ensuring that travelers stay safe and save money during this trying time.

The program is designed to make life easier for travelers and save them money if something bad happens. Royal Holiday Vacation Club was one of the first to put this into place, and it provides a safeguard for anyone who might be a little worried about getting back out and traveling once again.

Keeping customer satisfied

Travelers are hoping to get back to some level of normalcy sooner rather than later. For the time being, safety protocols remain a top priority. The team at Royal Holiday continues to monitor any changes and announcements while adapting accordingly.

It is common for members, and even prospective members, to have questions during this unprecedented time. For more information on all of the safety measures in place for Royal Holiday, visit There is a lot of additional information for people to sift through before deciding on travel.