If you are sailing in a hurricane-prone region, you need to take steps to keep your vessel safe. When you prepare your boat for a hurricane, it minimizes the prospective damage and injuries. Also, you should know where to sail during the hurricane season.

Hurricane season can be dangerous for sailors on the Atlantic coast and gulf. Irrespective of this, sailors venture out during the storm season. Sailing during this time in inland areas and northern latitudes is cool.

Reasons Hurricanes Are Dangerous for Yachts or Sailboats

Hurricanes are big tropical storms that stretch over 300miles  If you’re on a Charter catamaran in the BVIs you very much need to be aware of them. These intensify and gain strength as they move from one location to the other. Here are the reasons why they are considered to be dangerous for sailboats.

  • High Wind and Higher Waves

Hurricanes can be dangerous as it is the most destructive force of win. At times, its speed can exceed over 157 mph. High winds and large sea waves can sink a yacht. So, you need to be careful.

  • Storm Surge

Hurricanes might stall or weaken when it falls on land. At this time, they turn to less intense bands of rain clouds and thunderstorms. Nevertheless, docking your boat closers to the shore does not imply that it is safe for the hurricane. Generally, a hurricane is followed by a storm surge. During a storm surge, large waves will beat anything along the coast.

The best way to protect your yacht from a hurricane is the steer clear of its way. Based on its strength, it might not be necessary. However, it is better to seek shelter whenever a strong hurricane tracks your home port.

What Are Hurricane Safe Sailing Areas?

In case you are from one of the hurricane-prone coastal areas and you would like to minimize the risk, there are a few locations you can retreat to and sail. Let’s take a look at a few alternatives.

  • Rivers

There are rivers that are deep and wide enough for the sailboats and yachts. Even though they are not protected, while sailing on the river, you don’t have to worry about the hurricane. Thus, they are a great option to relocate to when the storm season comes. Just sail upstream and dock further away from meteorological dangers. Sailing on the river can be challenging. Also, it is prone to storm surges. However, the dangers are quite lower.

  • Lake

This is a great option for summer sailing. There are inland lakes in every hurricane-prone state. These will protect you from hurricanes. Larger lakes have marinas. The fees here are equivalent to docking facilities and coastal yacht clubs. Some of the marinas are covered. This will provide you with additional protection from storms, rain, and other weather conditions.

The best way to be safe while you sail and want to avoid hurricanes is to be informed. Modern-day weather prediction systems are quite effective when it comes to tracking storms. This way you will be able to stay away from the storm’s path.