Is travelling to a new place something that you’ve been thinking of late? Are you also looking for some cost-friendly options for your family? It is time to start planning, as we bring you the five best places to travel in the Philippines. These are some of the best options and will fit your pockets well.

  • Potipot Island

It is a serene beach located in Zambales. If you are looking for a family reunion or celebrating a special occasion, look no further. You can also carry your tent and food items. It will make for a relaxing getaway from the rigors of daily life.

  • Tagaytay

It is an ideal destination for both short and long trips. The place offers excellent local cuisines and shopping destinations. It will help you make your stay worthwhile and get the best value for your time and money.

  • San Antonio

Nature lovers will be in for a delight if they head to Antonio. The island also has coves that you can experience at the same time. Remember to carry your tent and food items. The more members you have, the better it will be to enjoy in the company of each other.

  • Bolinao

It is another ideal beach destination that offers a serene environment and breathtaking landscapes. You can get the choicest seafood on offer here. Everything out here is reasonably priced, which will make for a budget-friendly trip.

  • Intramuros

The place has got a rich historical significance. It is an ideal getaway from the hustles and bustles of Manila. You can have a relaxing getaway in the company of your family at Intramuros.

Planning your trip

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