The surfing spirit usually runs on all those who visit Hawaii for a vacation. Islands in Hawaii are known to be beautiful with fantastic scenery. The locals are friendly and are welcoming to new people.

Hawaii is the birthplace of modern surfing. It is a dream to experience the iconic islands as you surf for fun. All levels of surfers can enjoy surfing the places. However, when planning to visit Hawaii for the first time, it could be not easy to find the best place for surfing. Using the online surf forecasts, one can plan and know what to carry for the trip.

Best times to Surf in Hawaii

With winds blowing from all sides, the Hawaiian coastlines are favourable for surfing activities all year round. The conditions for beaches to the North are different from the south. It offers two periods for surfing at the outdoors.

The waves at the North get high between October and April. On the contrary, the coast is calm to the south. During the winter season, consider the beaches to the North of Hawaiian islands. However, individuals who are learning the sport can head down south where the coast is calm. As the winter season progresses, the waves and breaks will get huge. December is the ideal time for the pros.

Beaches to the south are ideal to surf during the summer. The waters are calm, and it is not easy to encounter huge waves. There are a variety of online reviews that offer insights on how to surf travel Hawaii.

Reasons to plan a trip to Hawaii

Located at the Pacific Ocean’s edge, Hawaii is a central attraction for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Residents enjoy spending time on the beach, and it is easy to make new friends. All levels of surfers can cruise the Hawaiian coastlines.

Apart from Hawaii islands being an attraction to lovers of the sport, it offers other fun activities. The scenery is ideal for swimming and kayaking activities. Hawaii is fun for couples as they engage in romantic encounters on the island. You will find shops around the shores that sell items that you can keep as a souvenir. Other activities to undertake include; hiking the volcanic sites, seeing whales, and enjoying the local cuisines.

Tips for a Surf trip to Hawaii

Surfing in Hawaii is historical. It started before the foreign invasion and later spread into the United States of America. Hawaiian beaches are ideal places to learn surfing. Here are some tips to get you started;

Have an Instructor

As a first-timer in surfing, it is advisable to have an instructor with you. An experienced surfer will know a suitable place for you as you learn the skills of surfing.

Choose the Appropriate Board

Big boards with soft tops are the best t use when learning how to surf. They are comfortable to use and enhanced for buoyancy while surfing.

Gear up and Surf

By having the right gear, you can protect yourself against rashes and water filling the nose. Have the courage and endurance to ride the waves under the instructions of the coach.


No one gets it right the first time. Just have fun.