Flying over the Tulum region in a helicopter and seeing the breathtaking Riviera Maya from the sky is an experience like no other. If you are considering adding a scenic flight to your itinerary, here is what you can expect when choosing the experienced and friendly team here at Riviera Charters.

Where do your helicopters leave from?

Puerto Morelos heliport.

How many people can go on your helicopter tours?

It depends which tour you choose but, our helicopters can transport 1 person right up to 5 people at a time.

How much is a helicopter tour in Tulum?

We have a huge selection of helicopter tours to choose from, ranging from a short 12-minute flight right up to a 5-hour trip so the price can vary greatly. You can find a breakdown of our tours and price list on our website.

Is there a weight limit to go on the helicopter tour?

The total passenger weight cannot be more than 270kg. Each seat cannot exceed 135kg. Passengers will also need to be able to get into the tulum helicopter charter and out without assistance.

Is there anything I need to bring?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and enclosed shoes. Sunglasses and sunscreen are also advisable.

Places you can see when booking a helicopter tour with us in Tulum

Access to Tulum Ruins

Visiting the Mayan Ruins of Tulum is a must-do while in The Riviera Maya, and what better way to see it than from a unique vantage point in the sky. From the up above, you can see the ruins from a perspective that cannot be seen from the ground. Floating in the air over the turquoise waters of The Caribbean Sea, you can see it from every angle.

This tour runs for 75 minutes and aims to deliver a spectacular Tulum experience without breaking the bank. Soaring the sky at 1,000 ft above ground, you’ll see the stunning coastline, breathtaking reefs, and landscape views along the way.

On the trip, you’ll fly over the Hotel Zone, Playa del Carmen city, and the marina Puerto Aventuras. As you travel past Puerto Aventuras, you’ll see a marina sprawling with luxury yachts, and several theme parks before reaching the home of the turtles, Akumal Bay. Not long after this, you’ll reach your destination, Tulum archaeological zone, and Mayan Ruins

See Chichen Itza from a bird’s eye view

The Chichen Itza is an ancient piece of history that once was home to more than 50,000 people. It’s a magical site and allows you to get an idea of what times were like 1,500 years ago. This tour runs for 5 hours in total and the starts at the Puerto Morelos heliport where you’ll then travel by air to Chichen Itza airport.

Upon arrival, your guide will take you to the archaeological zone, and you can explore the ruins for an hour on foot.

Afterward, you can cool off in a nearby cenote which is an experience in itself. After your swim, you’ve likely worked up an appetite and you’ll be taken by your guide to a restaurant for something to eat. Lastly, you’ll head back to the Puerto Morelos heliport to travel back on your helicopter.

Awe-inspiring Cozumel Scenic flight

Cozumel is a beautiful spot in the Riviera Maya area, its mostly undeveloped and is well known for its breathtaking reefs and world-renowned scuba diving. From the air, it’s an unbelievable sight. The azure waters, visible reefs, and white sands brimming with palms trees, cabanas, and beach loungers make it a postcard-worthy destination so, don’t forget your camera!

The tour runs for 50 minutes and begins at our private heliport in Puerto Morelos before heading the Cozumel Island. On this private flight, you’ll get to see all the highlights of Cozumel.

Marvel at the Cancun Hotel Zone

The Cancun Hotel Zone runs 14 miles along the sandy shores of Cancun and is home to many subdistricts including shopping malls, nightclubs, beach clubs, salsa clubs, resorts galore, delectable restaurants, and eateries. It is also where you can access the popular tourist attraction, Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA), which has underwater sculptures, corals, and sea life.

This tour runs for 22 minutes and allows you to see this beautiful spot from the sky.

Take in the Isla Mujeres Island

What a location Isla Mujeres Island is! Nestled in the Caribbean Sea around 13 kilometers from the mainland of Cancun, it’s a tourist hub and is known for its beautiful beaches, snorkeling opportunities, and spectacular reefs. There’s a lighthouse at the Southern end, a turtle sanctuary, and the ancient Mayan Temple.

This tour starts at Puerto Morelos, you’ll fly over the Cancun Hotel Zone and Playa Norte on the way, and you can take in the incredible views of the Caribbean Sea and coastline. This private tour goes for 50 minutes and is limited to three people. Your guide will explain all the sights and the historical locations as you travel.

All helicopter tours include:

  1. Safety briefings
  2. Guaranteed window seating
  3. Ample photo opportunities throughout the entire trip, including before you get into the helicopter until you finish
  4. Noise-canceling headsets
  5. A fun and informative tour that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

In this post, we’ve only mentioned some of the many tours we offer. Chat to our team at Riviera Charters about what you’d like to see, or if you’re not sure, we can recommend some suitable options based on your preferences and budget.