The summer season in St. Tropez is the most exciting time of the year due to the abundance of luxury yachts in the bay, the scorching heat of the Mediterranean, and the world’s most lavish parties. But the fun in St. Tropez doesn’t end in August; in fact, many residents consider September through November to be the best time to visit. The weather and water are still pleasant, but most people have returned to their jobs in colder cities like Paris, London, or New York. It is also considerably more cost-effective to rent a property in St. Tropez during the shoulder seasons. Join us as we explore the best of St. Tropez’s off-season activities.

In my thoughts, the first item that comes to mind is definitely Les Voiles de St. Tropez. The world’s best sailing yachts and the latest racing maxis convene for a few days at the world-famous event, which completely transforms the harbour of St. Tropez. Gentlemen’s yachts and their crews flock to the little fishing village for a more refined way of life, frequenting establishments like Senequier for breakfast and Aperol Spritz on the quay. The contrast between the bustling city that St. Tropez becomes in the summer and the refined atmosphere of Les Voiles is striking. The most exciting way to witness the St. Tropez Les Voiles is from a boat that you have rented for the event. The very daring among us will even hire a professional sailing crew and charter a yacht to take part!

One of the most essential things to do is to rent a traditional little Moke and drive around the vineyards. Once the weather cooled off a bit, there was nothing better than going on a vineyard tour around the bay of St. Tropez. A typical Mini Moke ride to the nearby Chateau Minuty and Chateau des Marres is guaranteed to be a highlight of your trip to the bay of St. Tropez.

As the season winds down, the restaurants gradually get less crowded, giving the inhabitants more freedom to venture out. Booking a stellar table, which is nearly impossible during the summer, becomes easier during the fall. Even the pickiest gourmet will find something to love on the menu at Colette and la Vague d’Or, which have earned one and three Michelin stars, respectively. Va Vague d’Or, a restaurant at the Cheval Blanc, has one of the most breathtaking settings, right on the water with unbeatable views of the beach and the ocean.

Some people find the off-season to be the best time to visit St. Tropez, as this is when the bay is least crowded and locals are reclaiming their homes. Learn about St. Tropez’s rich fishing heritage and experience the authentic Art de Vivre à la Française in complete seclusion by visiting the village’s historic fishing port.